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Fisher TW-82

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The Fisher TW-82 is an easy-to-use single frequency pipe and cable locator. Its ultra-fast target response ensures fast accurate tracing, while eliminating unnecessary user controls. The transmitter's conductive trace load current display indicates your connection quality quickly and clearly. The locator then uses automatic load impendence matching to adjust output for full-rated power over a variety of utility types and ground conditions.
The TW-82’s fully automatic receiver uses ratiometric signal processing to eliminate user control over signal gain—stop worrying about non-repeatability problems associated with automatic gain systems. Receiver’s antennae provide sensitivity for long distance tracing, and high signal handling for tracing utilities close to the transmitter.
View continuous readouts on the TW-82’s large LCD screen, including utility direction, orientation relative to the line, target depth, signal current and battery condition. The locator is weatherproof and impact-resistant, and features sealed, thick-wall, injection-molded construction. The Fisher TW-82 transmitter features an on-board graph to instantly tell the user the output power on conductive hook up. Made in the U.S.A.
Includes: receiver, transmitter, batteries, direct-connect cables, grounding rod and hard carrying case. 2 Year Warranty