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Fisher FPID 2100, Replaces Magnawand ID-2100-S

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Fisher FPID 2100 Ferro Magnetic Locator

The Fisher FPID 2100 features a patented (TID) ™ Target Identification System designed to save you time from digging unnecessary holes, especially in hard or frozen ground.

This unit can effectively locate valves and curbs up to 9ft deep, survey markers up to 8ft deep, and PK nails up to 14” deep. It provides performance so controlled it can distinguish between a manhole cover and a closed iron valve.


  • Unbeatable performance locating targets near a fence line
  • Pinpoints to 1” of center for Valves and Curb boxes
  • Excellent for finding buried ferrous objects including PK nails, iron pipes, valve covers, masonry nails and old hidden culverts
  • Strong ABS plastic housing. Unique top end design protects switches while the operator is still able to sue the controls when wearing thick gloves
  • Pulsating tone/low battery indication and quick, easy battery replacement