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Schonstedt XT-Pc Line Tracer with Inductive Transmitting Antenna

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XTpc Features

  • Operates 82 kHz Frequency mode (33 Khz available as an alternate frequency by request)
  • Passive detection of 50Hz or 60Hz, sonde or cathodic frequency (optional)
  • One button depth measurement
  • Digital readout display of signal strength (peak)
  • LCD displays left, right and "on-target" indications (null)
  • Transmitter 8-Hours operational battery life (intermittent usage)
  • Audio & Visual Output
  • Battery & Sensitivity Indicators
  • Operates on a passive mode, three different modes (conductive, inductive and clamp), and a sonde mode.
  • Auto Transmitter Power off
  • Ergonomic & lightweight
  • Smallest for easy storage
  • Automatic and Manual operating mode
  • 3-year warranty

XTpc Standard Equipment

The XTpc comes with an extensive package of standard equipment including:

  • Receiver & Transmitter
  • Holster (p/n: PC10012)
  • Conductive Clip Assembly (p/n: PC70000) which includes Standard Conductive Clips -- C91010 (Red) and C91011 (Black)
  • Hard Carrying Case (p/n: PC10100)
  • Ground Stake (p/n: 208263)
  • Auto Adapter for Transmitter 
  • Main Charging System (Coverter, Power Supply & Cord) for Transmitter
  • Includes PC20010 Inductive Transmitter Antenna